24/11/2019 A winning season!


And a busy season it was!  A great F4 season it has been with Van Amersfoort Racing and driver Dennis Hauger. We've set new limits and set new records. Done things, never done before and come home with some prizes. Narrowly missed out on the ADAC F4 driver championship and team championship, but convincingly taking the Italian F4 Driver and Team championship. With 12 victories in Italy and 6 in Germany and with two hattrick weekends (winning all 3 races in a weekend, Hockenheim (German F4) and Monza (Italian F4)), setting new limits for coming season. Been one with high's and lows, but we'll learn from the lows and rember the high's. Thanks Dennis Hauger and family for the mega drive and the support and my collegues and Van Amersfoort Racing. Together we made it possible! 


26/05/2019 A busy start!


Not a lot of time and opportunity to update on the start of the season, but it has been flying!

Two main project this year with the 2019 Castrol Toyota Racing Series which tool place earlier this year where we had a positive run with American Driver Parker Locke and Victory Motor Racing. Always a joy to stay and race in New Zealand.


Currently at the racing start of the German and Italian F4 with the home team for 4 years ,Van Amersfoort Racing. We will be challenging for the wins with quick Norwegian driver Dennis Hauger. Had a good pre-season in testing with good pace, now its time to rack up the points!


27/12/2018 Season come and gone!


Season come and gone! A


lready in december of the 2018 calendar year. Been a hard working season but a very enjoyable one!


Thanks to:
Victory Motor Racing and Brendon Leitch for the 2018 TRS season.
Van Amersfoort Racing for the ADAC F4 season and F3 outings.
Crosslink / Kiwi Motorsport for the fun and exciting American F4 rounds I was able to do with you.
360 Racing To be able to assist during the Silverstone ELMS round

But obviously Frederik Vesti. Tough season buddy, but my most enjoyable yet! True pleasure to work with you!


Onwards and upwards! 2019 starts with the Toyota Racing series and also looking forward to the new ADAC F4 season!! Bring it on!




20/08/2018 The hot summer months


A few race weekends under the sun! With Van Amersfoort Racing in the ADAC F4, two racing weekends have been concluded in the summer heat. We had good succes during the Formula 1 weekend at Hockenheim where we had a 1-2 finish in Race 1, winning driver Frederik Vesti. Two weeks later at the Nurburgring, he also showed strong pace in all three races and taking another win. We are looking forward to the last round in Hockenheim mid september and hope to score well for the teams!


Meanwhile, we went home to the roots at Silverstone, supporting 360 racing in an LMP3 during the 4 hours of Silverstone in ELMS.  Was great to work with the team again after 5 years and great to be racing in the UK again.



24/06/2018  Mid-season grind


It's the time of the season again were we have a tiny bit of a breath before it all hits the track again soon. 

It has been a very busy start of the F4 season with preparational testing and several race weekends in the ADAC F4 completed with Van Amersfoort Racing running Frederik Vesti. Were are showing good pace and Frederik showing good mature skill. We'll be chasing for wins in the next round at the Hockenheimring during the Formula 1 weekend.


In the mean time, we are working on several other projects in the USA, the UK and Asia concerning single seaters, simulator training  as well as fitness training together with van Veghel sports training. Stay tuned!



19/03/2018 Getting fitter and more concentrated as a driver. Teaming up with Van Veghel sports training


Wanting to improve on your physique and concentration during racing?


We can provide physical training, nutritional advice, remote monitoring tools, reporting progress as well as on-track support.




Would you like to reach a higher level in race driving performance? And you are seriously keen improve your physical fitness? Since it is very important to be in your top shape and physical condition as a racing driver, we are able to provide techniques that help you become physically and mentally stronger.


By the application and implementation of specific training methods, such as specific physical exercises that are functional for motorsport, we can make your body stronger and less fatigued during a race.


We provide intensive and functional training and together we can create the winning package, designed for you.


Training packages include an initial benchmark test that will show your current abilities and highlight areas where we can improve. Based on the test results you will receive extensive training and nutrition advice.


As personal contact is very important to us, we will be in regular contact to monitor progress and quickly adjust where necessary. A supplementary package allows us to monitor your progress remotely, to give the flexibility that you need. On-track preparation and physical assistance is also available to allow on-site performance enhancement.


Please get in touch if you would like to know more about our products and services.


Contact details:


Wesley van Veghel

van Veghel Sports Training


NL tel: +31 (0)6 16 22 39 92


Rik Kasius

Motorsport Consulting-Race Engineer


NL Tel: +31 (0) 6 30 36 17 0

UK Tel: +44 (0)75 91 53 41 30


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14/02/2018 Second win in the Toyota Racing Series 2018


Leaving New Zealand with two wins and 3rd overall in the last weekend. Well done Brendon Leitch and Victory Racing. 


08/02/2018 Winning in the Toyota Racing Series!


Adding another victory to the list! We have been succesful in the 2018 Toyota Racing Series in New Zealand with Victory Motor Racing and driver Brendon Leitch. In the fourth round of the series we won Race 2 with a 15 second margin, the biggest in TRS history! One more round to go including the New Zealand Grand Prix!





24/12/2017 Another one bites the dust


Another racing year over. We have been involved with a few great projects. Van Amersfoort Racing F4 being the main project, we also had the pleasure to do some simulator work, the Toyota Racing Series and Asian Formula Renault. We want to thank all worked with in the 5th year of business for Motorsport Consulting.


2018 will start off flying with  the 5th time we will be attending the Toyota Racing Series over in New Zealand. Let's get some prizes!



02/10/2017 It's already done! De German F4 season 2017 to an end.


The last stretch in the Germand ADAC F4 2017 season has flown past. With only three rounds since the last new item, the rounds have gone by swiftly. Especially with back to back race events at the Sachsenring and Hockenheimring. Both those events have been good for us at the Van Amersfoort F4 team which we are gladly part of. 


At the Sachsenring we had the very first on track P1-2-3 in the history of the team. A full podium lock out. A great feeling and achievement! Hockenheim has also been good with two VAR race wins. Sadly not enough to take the driver championship but with 10 wins out of 21 races, it has been a great season!

Now all eyes on development, winter testing and 2018!


We have also been active helping out Black Arts Racing in Zhejang and Shanghai for the Asian Formula Renault. Great to be out there again and congratulations for the team based in Zhuhai getting the driver and team championship!

















20/07/2017 Mid-Season balance.


We are over half way! Time really flies. Doing well in German F4 with Van Amersfoort Racing which occupies all of the time. Big focus on winning and getting the championship(s).


Three more rounds to go! Come and see us at the Nurburgring, Sachsenring or the final at Hockenheim!


05/04/2017 The 2017 well and truly underway!


Before you know it, it's April! After a busy and succesful year in 2016 there is no rest for the wicked.


As part of tradition, Motorsport Consulting was present for the Toyora Racing Series for the 4th season in succession. Running Ameya Vaidyanathan in the MTEC Motorsport team we had a successful season with performance in Hampton Downs as highlight. Ameya improved and enhanced skills that is being taken to the European  season. 


After retrun Mid-Februari, straight back for a second full-time season with Van Amersfoort Racing in Formula 4. This year focussing once again on the German F4 supported with Italian F4. The first opening race in Misano has been a success which promises a lot for the first German F4 race in Oschersleben!

















22/12/2016 The year came and went


The 2016 has gone by like a whirlwind. A lack of updates throughout the year but a busy one nonetheless. A good start with the 2016 Toyota Racing series which directly fell into pre-season preparation of a very succesful Van Amersfoort Racing Formula 4 season. With winter testing concluded all eyes are forward to repeating the win in the driver championship in 2017. 


We will be keeping sharp on the other side of the world again in lovely New Zealand for the 2017 Toyota Racing Series with MTEC Motorsport. Big push for enhanced performance and providing the best package for the drivers. Lots of prep done already! The adventure awaits!


Make sure you check out the rest of our services as well. Next to single seater race engineering, we provide data and performance engineering as well as simulator coaching and development. T0 check what we provide please check the'Services' section.



03/09/2016 One more round!


The season is flying by and the last event of the German ADAC F4 round in Hockenheim is closing in.

With the Van Amersfoort team we've worked very hard to get the driver championship and it is looking good so far! Fingers crossed! With all of our four F4 drivers we are going to make sure we have the best end of season race. Make sure you watch in the first weekend of October.


Also, some exciting additional projects for the winter time next to the ongoing work and development with Van Amersfoort.


Stay tuned!





20/06/2016 Already mid season in German F4.


Halfway through the German ADAC F4 season already. Time has flown. Since coming back from the Toyota Racing Series we have been working together with the Dutch renowned single seater team Van Amersfoort racing.


A bit of a break between races, but at Van Amersfoort Racing work continues with testing, development and simulator training. Been a tough start with my main man Moritz Muller-Crepon, but working hard to show the real pace. Good that Joey Mawson is leading the pack in F4. Few more nice circuits on the calendar ahead with the Red Bull Ring being our next stop for racing. See you guys soon!



17/02/2015 Toyota Racing Series for the 3rd year running.


A lot has happened in recent months with a very busy end of 2015 with races in Asian Formula Renault, LMP3, German F4 and lots of winter testing.


But already the 2016 motorsport year has kicked-off with the 2016 Toyota Racing Series. On invitation of ETEC Motorsport, Motorsport Consulting has provided race engineering support in New Zealand. Where in the previous two years data engineering and simulator engineering have been the tasks, this has been expanded to running and engineering a car and driver.


It has been an intense 6 weeks once again. With weather influences, car influences and challenges on track. However a great experience nonetheless and preparation for the 2017 season has already started.


Now it is back to European racing where a new project will be started. More info soon!




16/07/2015 Mid season break? No chance!


Time flies, but no time to stand still. We’ve been active in MSA F4 in the last few races as well as working with FF Corse with their Ferrari 458 cars all around the UK.


Racing didn’t just focus on races in the UK but also in Monza for FIA F3 where we enjoyed a good weekend with Mücke Motorsport providing a race engineering role.

Next to that we been busy with several sim projects and the second half of the year is looking interesting with a new project starting with a very special and interesting car.


2016 is also already on the radar so let’s keep the momentum going!


01/05/2015  Busy start of the 2015  season!


As the title says, it has been a busy start of the 2015 racing season! Several projects kicking off quite early. With a long winter of work it was finally there again in January. the Toyota Racing Series Season in New Zealand. For a second year we were invited to help driver development in an on-track simulator. The sim had been enhanced with accurate trackmodels but most of all a car model for the new Toyota FT-50, the new chassis the TRS series was running for the first time. Also data/performance engineering was high on the agenda. The six weeks have been intense with the cars having some teething problems from the start as they were very very new but it has been a good season once again with the top of the single seater drivers competing against each other. We hope to be part of it again in 2016!



Upon return in was straight into a lot of mileage and testing in the new MSA Formula 4 in the UK. The FIA backed series allows young drivers a platform in single seaters. We have done a lot of mileage at the start of the season and developing the car as responsible race engineer. The main focus is on driver development and it will be a very interesting season in this competitive series! Looking forward on seeing everyone in the BTCC paddock where MSA Formula 4 is part of. 



Additionally the ties with FF Corse have been strengthened again as we will be providing engineering support in their different categories racing the Ferrari 458 Challenge and 458 GT3. The first weekend in Donington has already been very fruitful with wins and podiums! Looking forward to a full season with them. 


Stay tuned here or on the facebook page www.facebook.com/MotorsportConsulting. As we are likely to more interesting projects this year!




iZone Driver Performance and ETEC Motorsport team up for the 2015 Toyota Racing Series


New Zealand’s Toyota Racing Series (TRS) is a great opportunity for young drivers, offering significant track time on challenging and exciting circuits over five consecutive weekends in Jan/Feb 2015. For this coming season ETEC Motorsport has joined forces with the UK’s leading Driver Development Centre, iZone Driver Performance, to create the ultimate platform for success.


Working together, this exclusive partnership offers a unique preparation and development package, which looks to progressively increase a drivers technical, mental and physical capabilities. Prior to heading to New Zealand drivers will have the opportunity to fully prepare at iZone Driver Performance Centre’s cutting edge facilities at Silverstone Circuit, followed up in New Zealand at each circuit with ETEC Motorsport’s own ‘triple screen, r-factor monocoque simulator’, this will ensure they have the best possible advantage over their competitors.


Using bespoke technology, simulator training will take place both prior to and during the intense TRS season. After extensive development and practice at iZone with the new car model, the Toyota FT50, combined with highly detailed tracks, there will be a bespoke ETEC Motorsport race simulator available at every race weekend. Not only will this assist drivers to prepare for their up-and-coming races, it will help to keep that ‘winning edge’!


ETEC Motorsport - Trevor Sheumack (Team Manager and Founder)

“Following on from the success of our simulator training last year, we’re really pleased to collaborate with iZone Driver Performance Centre to enhance the project. Drivers will benefit from a prior understanding of the car and tracks, ensuring they make the most of their time on-track. Not only can drivers get a lot of laps under their belt in the simulators, they can also benefit from the specialised techniques developed by iZone.”


iZone driver performance - John Pratt (Performance Director)

“We are delighted to develop a partnership with ETEC Motorsport! TRS is a great way to keep racing over the European winter for junior single-seater drivers and together with ETEC Motorsport we are able to provide the best preparation package to make the journey to New Zealand a pleasurable and enriching experience. We set out to provide the current drivers the same footsteps and tools as former ETEC driver and the 2014 TRS Champion Andrew Tang.”


Rik Kasius (Engineer and Driver Developer)

“After working with ETEC Motorsport’s on-track simulator during TRS last season, I was able to see a great opportunity for drivers competing in NZ. More knowledge about the challenging tracks and the car before arriving is a simple step to get ahead of the fierce competition. Especially for the drivers that are new to the series, the inside knowledge that can be gained through this collaboration could prove invaluable.”


The benefits of this exclusive partnership are available to all 2015 TRS competitors, for training to commence in November at iZone Driver Performance Centre Get in touch to discover how iZone and ETEC Motorsport can get your season off to a winning start!



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26/05/2019 A busy start!

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27/12/2018 Season come and gone!

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20/08/2018 The hot summer months

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24/06/2018  Mid-season grind

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19/03/2018 Getting fitter and more concentrated as a driver. Teaming up with Van Veghel sports training

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14/02/2018 Second win in the Toyota Racing Series 2018

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08/02/2018 Winning in the Toyota Racing Series!

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24/12/2017 Another one bites the dust

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02/10/2017 It's already done! De German F4 season 2017 to an end.

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20/07/2017 Mid-Season balance.

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05/04/2017 THe 2017 well and truly underway!

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22/12/2016 The year came and went

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03/09/2016 One more round!

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20/06/2016 Already mid season in German F4.

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17/02/2015 Toyota Racing Series for the 3rd year running.

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 16/07/2015Mid season break? No chance!

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16/07/2015 Push!!! (Repost)

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01/05/2015 Busy start of the 2015 season!

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13/11/2014  ***PRESS RELEASE*** iZone Driver Performance and ETEC Motorsport team up for the 2015 Toyota Racing Series. (Read more)